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Foreign Travel Advice & Travel Vaccinations Clinic


Travel VacIf you are planning foreign travel, you should book a consultation well in advance about necessary vaccines, malaria prescriptions and other medical advice regarding your destination. Requirements for any country can change due to various outbreaks.

You are advised to book six weeks in advance of your trip, but if your journey is planned and will be a long stay in a remote part of the world, then six months would be an advantage to get full immunity.

Oakpark Medical Centre is a designated Yellow Fever Centre; therefore we can provide this certification to persons who need this vaccine and receive it from us. A certificate of yellow fever is obligatory if this disease is endemic in the country you are travelling to. However, there are also restrictions in adjacent countries, where you may have less risk of contracting the disease, but may be refused entry without a certificate of yellow fever vaccination.

We stock all the most frequently required vaccinations for overseas travel. We also provide a free telephone advice service for prospective travellers.

You should bring a detailed itinerary for your travels when coming for a travel health consultation.



Typhoid Vaccine    €45    Havarix (Hep A)    €55 
Revaxis (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio)   €45    Tetanus    €25 
Hepatyrix (Hep A & Typhoid)    €70    Twinrex (Hep A & B)    €70 
Yellow Fever    €50    Hep B (3 seperate vaccines)  €120